What does it take to stay one step ahead in legal services?

It’s a challenging time for private practice, with disruptive new models for technology and talent changing everything. In the race for scale and scope, some have found niche specialism is the best way to deliver the highest-quality work and service. Others have managed to find a point of view that’s captured the imagination of their clients. Or they’ve radically overhauled their processes and approach to project management in order to win hearts and minds. Whatever the change, the pace and pressure is relentless.

How can we help?

Over the past decade we’ve developed a range of performance programmes for leading law firms and fresh start-ups to make the most of new opportunities. We help shape identities, manage reputations, develop strategies, redefine cultures and support operational excellence. From our office in London, we work with clients in the UK, the Americas, Continental Europe, Asia and Australasia, from major international firms, to niche independents. We also work with leading barristers sets, legal publishers and technologists.

Our services include

  • Strategy Development and Review
  • Brand Identity and Reputation Management
  • Mergers and Expansion
  • Change Management and Cultural Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Legal Process Mapping and Technology
  • Practice Development
  • CRM and Business Development Strategy
  • Pricing and Service Delivery
  • On-Demand and Managed Business Services Leadership and Support

Every programme is as individual as the firms we serve, focusing on creating long-term, sustainable advantage. The law of possibility might be about finding a new purpose. Or redefining your client propositions. Or creating mastery in new areas of practice. Whatever the challenge, success is about having the right people around you. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.