Provocative thinking. Engaging and immersive conversations. Confident delivery. All delivered by people you’ll want to work with time and time again. We like to think that our services are defined by these broad characteristics. As one of the world’s leading advisory businesses in legal services, we’ve helped support over 100 private practices with their ambitions to succeed in an industry undergoing radical, incontrovertible change. The one thing brave new startups and traditional global powerhouses clearly share is the desire to succeed. That’s where we come in.


For well over a decade, we’ve been developing significant law firm brands, all designed to create enduring relationships in every corner of the globe.

Overture London has developed some of the most prestigious and progressive brands in the legal market. That, in turn, has given our team a unique understanding of precisely how to create meaning, differentiation and relevance in the market. We also know that the drivers behind the project are as diverse as the clients we serve. Sometimes brand development heralds a big change in strategy. Or a need to keep pace with the competition. Sometimes, they simply want to capture distinctive qualities to stand out. Either way, you can expect a tailored programme, suited to the needs of your business, delivered flawlessly, by experts. To understand more about how we can help you please get in touch and find out more.


When it comes to new legal enterprises, you won’t find a more experienced, knowledgeable or passionate team of branding specialists, anywhere.

Overture London has helped launch some of the most successful new legal brands of the past decade. From advice on naming and branding, to creating a web presence to share your story with the world, we can help you design, develop and deliver the law firm you’ve always dreamed of. All with a simple, discreet and proven methodology that has helped hundreds of lawyers create the businesses their clients deserve to be served by. We start with helping you map the fundamental frameworks of your new firm, its propositions and capabilities. From there, you can expect expert project management to get you to a go-live date. You’ll have an identity to be proud of, messages to make it easy for clients to choose you and a compelling website. Plus, we can also be a reliable source of business services support you might need to accelerate your practice in the first crucial years. It all starts with a conversation about what’s possible.


Managing client perceptions, enhancing market influence and protecting brand reputations through peerless PR and compelling communications and marketing.

Overture London has kept the world talking about our clients for over a decade, helping them connect and communicate with clients, referrers, stakeholders, the media and the world at large. In a competitive and fragmented market, it has never been more important that stakeholders have a clear and distinctive understanding of precisely what makes each organisation unique. From engaging with the press to assisting with the perfect pitch presentation, our team of experts can draw from years of experience and market knowledge to swiftly understand what makes your organisation successful, as well as discern the subtle differences between your brand and the brand of every single one of your competitors. We will work with you to make sure you are standing out for the right reasons. And, of course, your return-on-investment is obvious, too. Here’s how to find out more.


Employee communications that define, develop and deliver commercial strategy, culture and values.

Inculcating new missions and visions. Creating and embedding new values programmes. Overhauling internal communication channels. Or getting the right people through the door in the first place. Overture London has been closing the gap between high-level law firms strategy and the real-world performance on the ground for well over a decade. From change management projects that embed a collective philosophy towards client service to helping embed new commercial directions that global teams can understand and apply everyday, we’re experts in employee engagement, cultural change and business improvement. Here’s how you find out more.