Provocative thinking. Engaging and immersive conversations. Confident delivery. All delivered by people you’ll want to work with time and time again. We like to think that our services are defined by these broad characteristics. As one of the world’s leading advisory businesses in legal services, we’ve helped support over 100 private practices with their ambitions to succeed in an industry undergoing radical, incontrovertible change. The one thing brave new startups and traditional global powerhouses clearly share is the desire to succeed. That’s where we come in.


Tired business models. Brands clouded by change. Reputations bound by misconception. Whether you’re seeking to tell a whole new story or rethink your firm from the ground up, we can help by delivering an effective programme of positive change. It could be just what you need. We’ve given some of the world’s leading law firms a purpose and a point of view that builds stronger connections with their audiences, whoever and wherever they are. We’ve also built some of the most successful identity and reputation programmes in living memory, all underpinned by strong commercial strategies we develop collaboratively.