Evolution. Not revolution

There are a lot of reasons why organisations wish to reconsider their brand. We know, because we’ve done it time and time again. Sometimes, our clients have fallen out of love with their brand and messaging and want to start completely from scratch with a new vision, mission and identity. But sometimes, that’s not necessary. Often, they simply want to re-focus on the reasons why their clients and people started working with them and stay with them and a refresh to their identity is the very best way to signal this change and reinforce what makes them distinctive, both internally and externally.

Distinctive. Every time.

Overture London has worked on refreshing and reimagining some of the best loved brands in the legal market. This has given our team an exceptional understanding of how and why firms or organisations stand out from their competitors. This is then augmented by our own research, conversations with our network and of course – our own original thinking. When this is combined with a tried and tested methodology which has can flex up or down depending on timing and budget, we can make it easy for you to make the changes you need and want, without reinventing the wheel if things are – on the whole – running smoothly. From a gentle update to your identity to a fullscale new website and, whatever the size and scale, you’ll be working with expert creative thinkers, designers, writers and project managers who can do as little of as much as you require; plus we can fit seamlessly into your existing teams or carry out the whole project on our own. To understand more about how we can help you enhance and improve your existing brand, please get in touch and find out more.